Apps That Pay You

Cloud computing and mobility conceptIf you’ve ever browsed a list of apps, or software applications for mobile devices, you may have thought, “These are great, but what I really need is an app that makes me some cash!” That actually isn’t a far-fetched concept. In fact, there are several ways to use your smart phone or tablet and an easily downloaded app to put a little more heft behind your bank statement.

As with any category of software, it can be tough to know which apps are worth your time. Luckily the field of money-making apps has a terrific guide to help you break down this field in the form of the website Apps That Pay You. Stan Ashby, the publisher of the site, tries out apps and then puts them into categories based on his judgment of how reliable they are and their potential to make you money. For example, the site has a category entitled “The Elite List” for the top apps Ashby has used. Currently included in this list are:

  • ReviewForDev – An app that pays you to test and review other apps in development
  • CheckPoints – An app that pays you to hunt down products in stores and scan the bar code
  • Swagbucks  An app that pays you to perform your internet searches via their interface
  • Shopkick – Another app that pays you to scan bar codes in stores

While it might be tough to make a career just out of using apps like these, there is the potential to boost your income a bit. If you’re the kind of person who finds yourself on a mobile device quite a bit playing around with apps, you might as well be making a little money while you’re doing it.

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